My Perception Pointer is My Decision Maker

Perception Pointer is purple because he likes that it is a bold, calm and regal colour that stands out. Everyone’s perception is about their beliefs and opinions. When people talk and they want to make a point, they sometimes hold up a finger, rather like Perception Pointer is doing. This gesture is saying, “Wait a moment. Let’s think about this a little more.” This helps to create awareness. As children have opinions and beliefs about everyday things and about what they are capable of achieving, Perception Pointer has amazing reality goggles to see into the future.

Genius and his friends live in a place called MindWorld, which is a community in your mind. It is a very special place, created by you. Your thoughts are unique and special, so enjoy each character as they take you on a journey of your feelings, emotions and critical thinking skills through MindWorld.

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Weight 111 g
Dimensions 21.5 × 21.5 × 1 cm


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