Genius Asks Who Am I

Genius Asks Who Am I? is the first in our Genius and His friends book series and takes children on a journey with Genius as he and the reader find the answer to who am I?

As the children read along with Genius on Genius Asks Who Am I? they discover the power of their thoughts and whether those thoughts are positive or negative. Genius helps children to realise that they are all perfect, inside and out.

An adventurous explorer of the world around him, Genius works with his friends to investigate the emotions, memories, beliefs and goals that drive us as individuals.

Throughout The Genius Books Series, Genius takes the reader on a journey into MindWorld as they discover all about the power of the mind and their own superpowers with Genius and his friends.

Through the exploration of each book in the series, children are challenged to find each quality within themselves and encouraged to embrace their blossoming positive mindset; this equips them with the emotional armour necessary to face daily life in a happy and healthy way.

This is a fun and educational read supported by interactive activities in the Genius and His Friends App bringing the book and journey to life for the reader.

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Dimensions 21.5 × 21.5 × 1 cm


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